Dev to Ops; A Full Stack

Nowadays, actually till nowadays Full Stack is the buzz word from MEAN to MERN, Since JavaScript moved to server full stack became a buzz word but before that everyone was already doing it in Ruby on Rails or any PHP, Java, Python etc stack. People have been writing their client and server side code from the advent of the Web and have been full stack in that sense where they write their client and server side code. The Dev plane has been constant and the mystic end has always been the Ops. So is an application developer really a “full stack” ? In the modern day a full stack in my opinion is who knows about his stack and that includes from Dev to Ops and not a particular tech for your frontend or backend. If you don’t know JavaScript or Java( they are not related and you would be surprised by how many think they are the same) and do your client and server side code with something else it doesn’t mean you lack frontend or backend skill. If you want to be a full stack learn Ops along with you Dev skills. You need to know how to deploy, optimize and scale your code.

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