Fitbit clock face ANDv1

20181121 — 0.0.1-rc-0.0.10 is now live

I have always found fitness tracker a great device to track health and keep fit. With the advent of smart fitness tracker it reduced the devices I had to wear on my wrist from 2 to 1. I own a Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch Adidas edition, its a great device and there are plethora of clock faces (weird why they call it a clock face when its a watch ¯\(°_o)/¯). One of the reasons I like fitness trackers is because of the amount of stats it provides. Over time it becomes annoying to scroll through the tracker or access app to find the stat to monitor your progress. The Fitbit App gallery is still young and has a lot of nice “clock face” but most of them are paid and the free ones are opinionated or minimal to my liking.

So I took it upon myself to make an opinionated “clock face” to my liking. Did a quick search on github and found a simple stat heavy clock face developed by anha1 as Acid Clock Face ( I took that as a base template and built on top of it . The following is the result of the work I put in a Fitbit clock face for ionic and versa published to gallery and available ( After publishing its has received positive feedback from the community with some requests which I have worked and published. The current version available as of this writing is 0.0.1-rc-0.0.8 and new version is awaiting review 0.0.1-rc-0.0.10 that adds the minimal mode. The source code is now part of OSS on github (

Some highlights of what is available on the clock face:

  • The Battery is a bar at the top, changes colour for every 25% increment/decrement.
  • The activity bars have current and target activity for steps, distance, elevation, calories and active minutes.
  • The heart rate has active and resting hear rate with heart rate zone at the top.
  • The basal metabolic rate and BMI is displayed under heart rate
  • Date is day ,date, month and year at the bottom
  • Time is 12/24hrs with seconds.
  • Barometer reading from the sensor added for display in kPa.
  • Minimal mode also available with BMI, BMR and Barometer reading visibility toggle.
  • Heart Rate Zone visibility can be toggled also.

Screenshots of the clock face are below



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