• Ahmed Omer

    Ahmed Omer

  • Peter Bickhofe

    Peter Bickhofe

    AD, Game Developer, Unity3D, VR, Location Based Gaming, CEO HighscoreBrothers, http://subfuge.com, subfuge - the agent nation

  • Swarm Commerce

    Swarm Commerce

    Autonomous Enterprise e-commerce https://swarmcommerce.io

  • Briandito Priambodo

    Briandito Priambodo

    I transform thoughts and ideas into stories and visuals — inspired by books, quotes, experiences, and conversations. Read for free: http://thetinywisdom.com

  • Rajesh Kanna

    Rajesh Kanna

  • Alireza Sadeghi

    Alireza Sadeghi

  • Amit Lamba

    Amit Lamba

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