Setup container monitoring and management on Raspberry Pi4 with Portainer

I have used Weave Scope previously to monitor and manage Ultronex. Its a great software and really powerful. Last year I bought a Raspberry Pi4 while the world came to a stand still and setup my Ad blocking VPN with DNS over HTTPS on a Raspberry Pi4 and recently setup a Smart Display real time dashboard but all of this was lacking one thing I got use to, convenient container monitoring and management from anywhere on the web. Weave Scope is not available for arm and it broke the deal for Raspberry Pi4. So after some searching came across Portainer an equally good software for monitoring and management of container with every feature you would need and its OSS. The setup is simple using docker-compose

When you launch it the first time it will ask you to setup username and password as well.

Originally published at on February 28, 2021.



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